GreenlineRising-“Your Partners In Environmentally Responsible Renovations”

To the 69% of Kingston area home owners who identify themselves as Dark Green Consumers – we build for you!

Einstein once said: “I am thankful to all those who said no, it’s because of them I did it myself”

I took his advice.

Greenline Sustainable Builders was born from the words of a well known local home builder who told me in an email: “Sorry, I don’t share your concern for the environment

For five years, working through my builder marketing services firm Primary Impact, I tried to inspire builders to study Green Building Science and apply it’s principles to reduce Green House Gas emissions.

Some listened, but most would not: “don’t talk to me about green building I’m just not interested”

Others felt if they were using some energy saving or environment friendly materials then that automatically made them green builders.

No one wanted to go much further and no one wanted to talk about the added GHG Emissions they themselves brought to the project in the form of embodied energy.

When you hire Greenline Sustainable Builders to complete your renovation project not only do we go further – we go all the way.

Every project we undertake is logged in our Project Environmental Profit & Loss Statement.

Then, at the end of the job we give you the numbers. You’ll see how we improved your energy use, made your home healthier, more comfortable and removed household GHG Emissions.

You will also see another column showing you the new emissions we brought to the job in the form Embodied Energy in the building materials and project logistics, and finally we show you the bottom line – how the numbers balance out. Did we remove more GHG than we put in!

We take GHG emissions seriously, and if you do too we want to work for you!

Greenline Residential & Small Commercial GREEN Builder.
  • Energy Retrofit Workshops & Talks
  • Greenline Sustainability Services & CO2 Reduction Strategies
  • NetZero Energy Retrofits – NetZero Energy Homes
  • Solar Hot Water and Radiant Floor Heat
  • Wartime Home NetZero Energy Retrofits
David Knowles, Owner/Project Manager
Greenline Sustainable Builders – We’re Different.
Tel: 613.561.1214
Twitter: @SynchronicityDK
Marketing/Promotion by – Primary Impact – Builder Web Advertising | Marketing | Design

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