Our Energy Retrofit – NetZero Conversions & General GREEN Building Services


Greenline Residential & Small Commercial GREEN Builder.

  • Energy Retrofit Workshops & Talks

  • Greenline Sustainability Services & CO2 Reduction Strategies

  • Net-Zero Energy Retrofits

  • Net-Zero Energy Home Conversions

  • Solar Hot Water and Radiant Floor Heat

Wartime Home NetZero Energy Retrofits


Environmentally concerned home owners hire Greenline Sustainable Builders to install the 500 Gallon RainXchange Rain Harvesting System.

eFree Retrofit

Money minded home owners hire Greenline Sustainable Builders to arrange an Energy Audit and then complete a cost/benefit study of all possible energy upgrades with the aim of gaining virtually FREE improvements.

ReVision House Initiative

Owners of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s era homes hire Greenline Sustainable Builders to reduce their energy costs by up to 50% through the upgrades and retrofits outlined by the CMHC.

Age In Place & Healthy House Initiative

Older home owners and care givers hire Greenline Sustainable Builders to remove the barriers to comfortable living and make their homes safer, healthier, and as maintenance free as possible

Tranquil Nature Inspired Bathrooms

Let the natural world into your bathroom with a nature-inspired bathroom makeover. Luxurious and downright sexy, bathrooms that blur the line between indoors and out are the ultimate back-to-nature indulgence.

David Knowles, Owner/Project Manager

Greenline Sustainable Builders – We’re Different.

Tel: 613.561.1214

Email: greenlinebuilder@gmail.com

Website: https://greenlinesustainablebuilders.wordpress.com/

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Twitter: @SynchronicityDK

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