Kingscourt – This Wartime House Goes Green!

This Wartime House Goes Green!

Do You Own a Home in the Kingscourt Community.

The CMHC estimates that the average wartime era home has air leaks that if combined would equal a 13″ x 13″ hole and provides a list of recommended upgrades to reduce your energy costs by up to 47%.

This list of energy saving improvements when completed, would result in an estimated 47% reduction in your home energy costs. By my calculations a 47% savings on your Natural Gas and Hydro consumption would equal approximately $1,651.09 “still in your pocket” at the end of the year.

On top of that – and this is what excites me – it would translate into an approximate 3.7 metric ton reduction in your annual CO2  emissions.

I want to help you plug the leaks and save your money.

Starting the process of saving money on your home’s energy costs can be as easy as sealing the leaks that let heat escape in the winter and let heat enter the home in summer.  And, getting started is as easy as making a call – 613 561 1214 and ask for David

Greenline Residential & Small Commercial GREEN Builder.

  • Energy Retrofit Workshops & Talks
  • Greenline Sustainability Services & CO2 Reduction Strategies
  • NetZero Energy Retrofits – NetZero Energy Home Conversions
  • Solar Hot Water and Radiant Floor Heat
  • Wartime Home NetZero Energy Retrofits

“Greenline Sustainable Builders through our ReVision House Initiative is working to upgrade and retrofit 40’s 50’s and 60’s era homes to achieve a 50% or better reduction in energy use for the homeowner and an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the planet.”
Greenline Sustainable Builders – We’re Different!

David Knowles, Owner/Project Manager
Greenline Sustainable Builders – We’re Different.
Tel: 613.561.1214
Twitter: @SynchronicityDK
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